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  • C&C Drums Europe - The New Vintage - Image Shoot
  • C&C Drums Europe - The New Vintage - Beatsteaks - Thomas Götz
  • C&C Drums Europe - Player Date Big Beat - Mahogany
  • C&C Drums Europe - Player Date Snare Drums - Mahogany
C&C Drum Europe - Gladstone Shells

Gladstone Shells

Gladstone Drum Shells are the product of decades of vintage drum restoration and building from the people here at C&C Drums. get to know more about Gladstone Shells right here.

Gladstone Shells
C&C Drum Europe - Player Date Honey

C&C Drums - Player Date

The Player Date makes a dream come true: the first C&C series kit. It uses our 7-ply mahogany Gladstone Shells and catches everyones attention with its beautiful look and incredible sound. You can choose between multiple finishes and three sizes – and of course every Player Date comes with our unique full contact bearing edge, made by Bill Cardwell himself!

C&C Drums Europe - Beatsteaks

C&C Drums Europe - Beatsteaks

We’re more than happy to have the Beatsteaks and Thomas Götz as one of our endorsers and thus as a part of the C&C Family. Outstanding live shows paired with amazing musicians and at the same time remarkable personalities make this band and their music what they have become known and famous for.
(Photo Credit: Paul Tatse)

C&C Drums Europe - Vintage Custom Drum Kit

C&C Drums custom kits – Handmade in U.S.A.

Along with the Player Date we are – of course – offering the legendary C&C custom kits. Every drummer with a liking for vintage drums resembling traditional kits, while at the same time featuring every pleasure a newly build kit has to offer, will love to spend some time in our gallery or contact us for buying options.

C&C Drums Europe - Instagram

C&C Drums Europe has joined Instagram!

We’re happy to announce that we have recently started our official C&C Drums Europe Instagram account. You’ll find a lot of pictures as well as “behind the scenes” content there with weekly updates!

You can follow us at: http://instagram.com/CCDrumsEurope

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