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Player Date II

Gladstone Shells:
Designed as an extension of the Player Date I, our Player Date II has a warm, round tone that is a bit brighter than the Player Date I kit. It has enhanced mid-range and a smooth attack. Its 7-ply Maple/Mahogany/Maple shell provides a wide tuning range and versatility. Also, this shell — a Gladstone exclusive, by the way — has more resonance which makes it perfectly suitable for heavier playing styles and louder musical settings. For more information on our very own Gladstone Shells production, click here.


Gladstone Shells

4 Sizes

14 Finishes

The perfect Wood

C&C Hardware

Matching Wood Hoops


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C&C Drums Europe


Gladstone Shells

The Player Dates consists of a unique 7-ply Mahogany/Maple/Mahogany shell. When designing our shells, we wanted to focus on one main objective: less glue, more wood. This leads to the one of a kind sound of our drums that makes our drums sound different from other in the market. As an example: Our standard 6-ply Maple shell contains over 30% more wood than a typical 8-ply Keller Maple shell. These thicker plies give a lower fundamental tone, which in return provides a warmer sound. Gladstone’s objective is as simple as it is convincing – and we have started our own shell production to bring back all these amazing vintage sound back to the drumming world of today. To learn more about the production process of our beautiful Gladstone Shells, click here.

4 Sizes

The extension of our first Player Date line, the Player Date II, our first drum line, is offered in four standard size configurations: Be-bop, Big Beat, Big Band and Bonzo. The configurations Bebop, Big Beat and Bonzo are completely different in sizes, while the Big Band configuration is a mixture between a Big Beat and a Bonzo (combining Big Beat-toms with a Bonzo kick and snare drum) — which has become a very popular and a much demanded C&C set-up within the last years. Here you can find all four configuration set-ups at a glance and compare each sizes:

Bebop: 20“ x 14, 12“ x 8, 14“ x 14 (& optional 14“ x 5.5 snare)
Big Beat: 22“ x 14, 13“ x 8, 16“ x 15 (& matching 14“ x 6.5 snare)
Big Band: 24“ x 14, 13“ x 8, 16“ x 15 (& optional 14“ x 8 snare)
Bonzo: 24“ x 14, 14“ x 9, 18“ x 15 (& matching 14“ x 8 snare)

14 Finishes

The Player Date II is currently available in a total of 14 finishes. Having started with finishes like Aged Marine Pearl or Walnut, we have deliberately worked out a tasteful variety of lacquers and wrap finishes over the last years. As well as with the Player Date, there are two exclusive options: Natural Maple and Aged Maple. Our list of PDII finishes consists of 5 natural and 9 wrap options which form the perfect range to match every vintage drummer’s desire in the look of our drums— so that not only the inner values, like the choice of wood and our unique edges, fit perfectly to your taste, but also your drums appearance will be the gigs’ eye-catcher!

The perfect Wood

All our drums start from wood — the essential basis for anything in respect to tone. Not round, perfectly formed pre-fabricated shells, but flat sheets of the most beautiful, perfect wood one can acquire. Since 2011 we’re able to produce our very own, in-house made shells, which complies us with pride, and thus bring back many classical and unique vintage designs of the past. The Player Date, our first line of drums, comes with a very warm, musical and rich sounding 7-ply Full Mahogany shell. With its Full Contact Bearing Edge, cut by the master Bill Cardwell himself, it provides an outstanding tuning range you can hardly find anywhere else. If you want to know more about how our drums are made, we’d love to invite you to take a look at the link of our Gladstone Shells page.

C&C Hardware

We’re very pleased that we’re — after having started producing our own shells — now also able to provide the Player Date with an in-house lug design. Being inspired by many of the classics, it reveals the bridge building between a bit of a modern Kansas City architecture with aspects of many of our favorites lugs on drums from the past. Our double ended „Art Deco“ lug is featured on all Player Dates regularly and works greatly in combination with Vintage „Fold Out“ spurs, the Butterfly Bassdrum claws and the Classic Deluxe strainer for snare.

Inlayed Wood Hoops

Every Player Date II comes with beautiful inlayed Wood Hoops. Depending on the finish option, the kick drum hoops change and vary regarding wood and inlay. For example: Aged Marine Pearl comes with Black Gloss Stained Hoop and a matching inlay, Walnut comes with a matching hoop and Aged Marine Pearl inlay, Natural Mahogany whereas features Maple Hoops with a matching inlay. Since no detail has been overlooked on these drums, we have made sure these lovely hoops round off the look for every Player Date kit.


Additional Toms

C&C Drums - Player Date - Toms

Besides the standard configurations for the Player Date, we offer additional tom sizes to perfectly enlarge and fulfill your desired set-up. Might it be a second floor tom for having more bottom and volume on your kit or maybe another rack tom to provide the perfect tone in between. We’d like to get you your personal Player Date configuration as perfect as it can possibly be!

Additional Wood Hoops

C&C Drums - Player Date - Wood Hoops

Wood Hoops are always a class of their own. To make your kit an even more eye-catcher, adding some of these marvelous hoops on toms and/or snare drum is the perfect option. Like anything else, our unique wood hoops are all certainly being handmade and represent a beautiful extension of the drum kit. When enlarging your Player Date with some of these hoops, it is by then not only an instrument anymore, but can be considered as a drum piece of art at the latest.

Cymbal & Tom Mounts

You’d like to get a Tom or Cymbal Mount to have your set look a bit more like the Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa style? No problem, we’d be happy installing you such an add-on in order to make your C&C setup even more compact and unique. Just let us know about your desired mount when ordering via mail or choose for your preferred option in the shop – we’re looking forward to upgrade your drum kit and making it even more special!

Special Sizes

C&C Drums - Player Date - Special Sizes

2013 has been „The year of the short kick drum“ at C&C, like Jake Cardwell once stated. Since then we offer 12“ depth kick drums for the Player Date Europe at no additional charge. For Jazz guys among you, we’ll provide with a 18“ x 14 (or 18“ x 12) kick size. At special request we also do a 10“ x 7 rack toms for example. Via these new size options, we can now also provide you with classical Jazz configurations or special rock’n‘roll setups for the Player Date line!

Your own configuration

C&C Drums - Player Date - Your own configuration

Do you have your very own Player Date setup in mind? Then choose from the various sizes by yourself and compile a mixed configuration at additional charge. Further more you can also enlarge this setup with extras at the same time, like a tom or cymbal mount, or garnish with some additional wood hoops: your wishes are set no limits. We’re always looking forward to see multiple individual Gladstone kit configurations all around the globe.


C&C Drums - Player Date - Custom

Besides the options „Special Sizes“ and „Your Own Configuration“ we offer also the possibility of customizing our unique and exclusive Player Date shells. For example: You want Tube lugs on the 7-ply Luan shell of the PDI or an Ebony Oyster finish combined with the outstanding PDII shell? No problem at all! Let us know about your ideas and your vision you have in mind in this regard – we’re looking forward to make your customized Player Date drum dream come true!

Player Date II Soundfiles



The smallest configuration we offer for our C&C Drums lines is named after the origin for the modern Jazz – “Bebop”. This setup comes with a 20“ kick drum, a 12“ rack drum, a 14“ floor tom and an optional 14“ x 5.5 snare drum. It is designed for genres like jazz, funk, blues, indie, electro and folk. But since it comes with our very own Gladstone Shells, the tuning range also provides rock drummers with a full, rich and authentic sound, that will astonish your friends and band members and fellow drummers. Its feel is so honest and real, this model brings back the times that Bebop legends like Elvin Jones and Tony Williams coined and dominated. Whether it’s a session, a small stage oder a stadium: this C&C Drums kit is the perfect choice for drummers who are looking for a small, light-weight set, which provides a sound that simply amazes.

Big Beat
This is a classic. The C&C Drums Big Beat configuration with its 22“ kick drum, 13“ rack tom, 16“ floor tom and optional 14“ x 6.5 snare drum presents itself as the perfect all-round setup ranging from all kinds of Rock‘n’Roll to softer musical settings like Indie or Folk – and even Jazz guys love it for its diversity and high tuning range options. With this C&C Drums setup you can never go wrong: it is the most flexible configuration, providing the whole range of sounds from Jazz to Punkrock. The uniqueness of the in-house produced Gladstone Shells offers a warm vintage sound, which revive the best times of great players from the sixties and seventies, and allow the drummer to dive into this amazing world of rock history. The modern ways of production and the art of true vintage drum craftsmanship by C&C Drums create an outstanding drum kit, which can be called the perfect companion for all drummers of this kind.

Big Band
You’d like to have Big Beat tom sizes with a bigger kick? Then you’re perfectly right with choosing our Big Band configuration, the latest setup addition for C&C Drums drum lines. This configuration combines a 13“ rack tom, 16“ floor tom as well as the 14“ x 6.5 of the Big Beat with the bigger kick size, 24“ kick drum of the Bonzo configuration. The 24“ kick drum brings in some more volume and body and provides beautiful warm and huge sounds. The Big Beat toms keep the sound flexible and very diverse, so this is really the ideal choice for all players loving Big Beat sizes and preferring a bigger kick drum. Bringing back the classical sizes of the golden Big Band era, this C&C Drums kit is more than a great option for playing styles like Indie, Rock’n’Roll or Punkrock. And Buddy and Gene would have loved it too, by the way!

This is our C&C Drums configuration for all heavier playing styles and louder musical settings: 24“ kick drum, 14“ rack tom, 18“ floor tom and optional 14“ x 8 snare drum. Not only the massive and great look of these big sizes will drive everybody’s attention towards the drums on stage, of course you’ll always provide a huge and voluminous sound in every playing situation, as well. Due to extraordinary tuning range of C&C Drums’ Gladstone shells, it is versatile and applicable for many other styles at the same time, too. Actually this configuration is the definitive setup for all fans of the great days of Rock’n’Roll drumming when legends like Bonham or Moon defined a sound you can only recreate with such a vintage inspired kit. For everyone who wants to get back to that sound, look and feel, the C&C Drums Bonzo configuration is the ultimative choice.