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Web shop overworks

Web shop overworks

Due to some current web shop overworks, the final ordering process is temporary out of action. We apologize for any inconvenience! You are of course cordially invited to continue to browse the shop and to inform you about prices and products.

For further purchase/order information please get in touch via info@candcdrumseurope.com or use the contact form. Thank you!

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C&C Drums Europe - The big website and shop update

website update!

Finally it’s done! A long time of restoration lies behind us, but we think it’s a fair result: our website appears in a new gloss. Now you can find here all current Drum Kits, like for example the Player Date II, Gladstone, 12th&Vine or the new Super Flyer – including many pictures, soundfiles, videos etc. The Featured Artists section has been enlarged by many great and beloved drummers, further more we have added Backline/Rental as a new category as well as new Social Media channels. Of course the most important thing comes last: we have se up a great new Webshop, where you find already some special offers as a little thank you for your patience. Just take a look and click yourself through!

We hope you enjoy it and wish you a lot of pleasure
Your team of C&C Drums Europe

C&C Drums Europe - 10

New 10" Tom Shell Mold

We’re more than happy to now be able to offer 10” tom toms in our in-house shell constructions. A lot of customers, especially the Jazz guys of course, have been requesting for this over the last years – so we’re very pleased to finally present this size in the unique and original C&C sound.

Gladstone Shells
C&C Drums Europe - John Convertino

C&C Artist Family

We’re more than happy to have so many great artists playing C&C Drums around the globe. The man on this picture is one of them you most likely all know: Mr. John Convertino of Calexico. In our “Featured Artist” section you can get a lot of insights and background information on our beloved C&C family – pictures, short biographies, kit specs & testimonials. Enjoy!

Featured Artists
C&C Drum Europe - Gladstone Shells

Gladstone Shells

Our in-house made Gladstone Drum Shells are the product of decades of vintage drum restoration and building from the people here at C&C Drums. We are very proud to revive many old vintage classics as well as to be able to offer unique own creations via our own shells. Find more about the production process on our Gladstone Shells page!

Gladstone Shells
C&C Drum Europe - Gladstone

C&C Drums - Gladstone

Our Gladstone series features 7 plies of North American Rock Maple, our single-ended Deco Lug and proprietary Bread and Butter bearing edge. This edge allows for a more open and resonant tone. It also promotes more body than what is typical of a modern Maple shell, making for a very musical and versatile sound. With thicker cuts than the industry standard, our Maple ply configuration is a refined version of the shell construction that put us on the map.

C&C Drums Europe - Vintage Custom Drum Kit

C&C Custom Kits – Handmade in the U.S.A.

Along with our lines like the Player Date, the Gladstone Series or e.g. our Super Flyer Series, we are – of course – offering the legendary C&C custom kits. Every drummer with a liking for vintage drums resembling traditional kits, while at the same time featuring every pleasure a newly build kit has to offer, will love to spend some time in our gallery or contact us for buying options.




C&C is represented on several social media platforms and we are happy be in direct contact and share great news, pictures and videos with you. Feel free to take a look where you can find us and connect!

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