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You need a C&C drum kit for a tour or recording session? No problem! Within this new website section we offer a great variety of backline drums for everybody to tour, record and play with. Who ever is interested in trying some of our lovely drums out, is invited to get in touch with us for a matching backline kit. We can provide with all kinds of configurations/setups, some of the greatest finish options we currently offer and of course different shell constructions for each taste. Feel free to contact us anytime!

Backline Setups (Selection)

Here’s an exemplary list of kit options you can choose from:

PDI Honey 20” × 14, 12” × 8, 14” × 14
PDI Red Mahogany 24” × 12, 12” × 8, 14” × 14, 16” × 15
PDI Walnut 22” × 14, 13” × 8, 16” × 15
PDI Green Sparkle 22” × 14, 13” × 8, 16” × 15
PDII Walnut 22” × 14, 13” × 8, 16” × 15

To round up your desired setup we offer a matching selection of snare drums.

Backline Hardware

We not only provide with our drums, but also with matching hardware: A beautiful setup of Flatbase stands will be the perfect addition to your desired backline kit. Straight or Boom Stand? Both of course is possible! These light-weight, but stable stands will round off the look of the C&C setup perfectly – and make it even more to an eye-catcher and beautiful instrument you can simply shine with.

Backline Cases

Shipping security is one of the most important things when our drums go on tour and travel from one venue to another. Therefore we only want the best gear available in the market which is – from our experience – Hardcase. These cases are robust, of top quality and even look simply great. Okay, cross our hearts, they’re not as beautiful as the drums of course, but for practical equipment they’re definitely no. 1 with every aspect!

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Questions about the C&C Drums Backline?

If you have questions on availability or pricing of our in-house backline, please contact us anytime. We love to hear from you!

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