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No matter if order request, endorsement or consultation: Write us an email to info@candcdrumseurope.com and we will get back to you immediately. We look forward to hearing from you!


Frequently asked questions:

What’s C&C Drums?
It’s not about making money. It has never been. It’s about passion. Passion for something that is our life. For more than 25 years C&C Drums has been building and restoring drum kits. And exactly this passion and the knowledge we picked up along the way about the greatest instrument there is, makes C&C what it stands for today: unique drum kits with an incredible sound you have never heard before. Our drums are made by hand, bringing back the spirit of the 50s, 60s and early 70s – the golden era of American drums. Some of the best drummers all over the globe enjoy our drums and believe what we believe in: 100% handmade american drum kits, our own Gladstone Shells and experience others can’t buy with money. Having built kits for drumming legends like Ringo Starr, Joey Waronker or Graham Hopkins, the C&C Drums artist roster offers an outstanding variety of world’s most tasteful players und significant musical personalities. Get a full and detailed overview of these extraordinary drummers here: http://candcdrumseurope.com/artists/uebersicht

What does C&C stand for?
The name stands for „Cardwell & Cardwell“, the last names of founder Bill and his son Jake, who are practicing the C&C Drum Company with their staff in Kansas City, Missouri, which produce our worldwide renown and respected C&C Drums.

What makes C&C Drums so outstanding and unique in today’s drum world?
The combination between know-how and craftsmanship from a over 20 year-old tradition and experience on vintage drums is what makes C&C Drums today so individually and different from others. Furthermore, we produce our very own shells since 2010 as well as own-designed hardware since 2013, by which we’re in the independent position to offer a completely a very own, individual and characteristic instrument — which contributes to the renowned reputation and the proud quality of C&C Drums.

What is C&C Drums about?
It’s all about passion: C&C Drums is the result of decades of vintage drum restoration and outstanding craftsmanship by Bill Cardwell and his son Jake. The family business, whose history can be almost described as legendary now, and which has been started out of a back-room in local music shop without any budget, has made it to one of the most renowned and prestigious brand in today’s drum world within the last 20 years. C&C Drums stands for unique vintage-inspired drums and an outstanding craftsmanship in the tradition of the classic drums of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Our handmade American drums provide an organic vibe, they have heart and soul — they are the new vintage. Find a great documentary on C&C Drums within the media section among videos, where Bill Cardwell himself gives an insight into the company.

Which products does C&C Drums offer?
Besides our exclusive Custom Kits, which put us on the map with C&C Drums, we now also offer a range of drum lines. These lines comprise the already renown and touring-friendly C&C Drums Player Date (as well as its extensions C&C Drums Player Date II and C&C Drums Player Date Europe), the bombastic C&C Drums Gladstone series and the gallant flagship line C&C Drums 12th & Vine. Also, a very outstanding travel kit conception has been the latest addition to the C&C Drums product line: the lovely C&C Drums Super Flyer. Among the „Drum Kits“ section you can choose between all the lines we offer today and get specific and detailed infos on any of them.

What are the differences between the C&C Drums lines?
The C&C Drums Player Date, Gladstone and 12th & Vine predominantly distinguish from their different shell designs, from the use of different hardware as well as for every line having some own and exclusive finish options. The C&C Drums Player Date I, as well as its extensions C&C Drums Player Date II and C&C Drums Player Date Europe, with its inhouse-made shells (Full Mahogany, Maple/Mahogany/Maple, African Mahogany/Luan Mahogany/Maple), our Double Ended Lugs and Triple Flanged Hoops is an high quality drum kit being offered at an affordable price. The Gladstone line has a Full Maple Shell, and comes with our Single Ended Lugs, also Triple Flanged Hoops and offers furthermore two depths options for each shell available. 12th & Vine, our flagship line, is a reminiscence to the old American drums of the 50s, 60s and 70s: It offers three different shell designs with a poplar core (Walnut/Poplar/Walnut, Luan/Poplar/Luan, Maple/Poplar/Maple), has our Single Ended Lugs as well as Single Flanged Hoops and comes — besides the natural shell finishes — in our exclusive „Espresso“ stains, which all in all makes it a top notch drum line of world class taste.

How do I order a C&C Drums Custom Kit?
Of course you can easily send us an email with your idea and preferences regarding your desired C&C Drums Custom Kit. We’ll then let you know about the possibility of realization and assist you with the further steps. We can then check the availability of material (e.g. special wrap finishes) and get you a quote for your setup as well some info on the estimated production and delivery time. Subsequently we’ll send you a document sheet where you can you find all the detailed specs of your kit to approve. If this all go well with you, we’ll get your C&C Drums Custom Kit into production and it will be handmade at your desires by the great craftmans at production. For ordering one of our unique and outstanding Custom Kits you can use the contact form, where you can fill out some specs, so we can an imagination of what you’d like to bring to life.

Which kind of option do you offer on your C&C Drums Custom Kits?
We at C&C Drums offer our very own Gladstone Shells in a spectrum of 10“ to 26“ diameters and a variety of depths. The extraordinary range of our overall 9 different vintage shell designs leaves nothing to be desired. Additionally you can choose from four different C&C Drums Bearing Edge options, to put the final touches to your desired shells in order to make it the perfect tone for you. Regarding finishes, we offer four basic options („Natural“, „Lacquer“, „Paint“ & „Inlay“), which cover a great variety in colours and vintage aesthetics. Our selective and tasteful array of hardware makes sure your set will always have the typical and classical C&C Drums vintage look and will be definitely an eye-catcher on stage, at rehearsal or in the studio. Among „Custom Kits“ within the „Drum Kits“ section you can find the whole range of specific options and many more infos.

Are you currently looking for new artists? How do I apply for an endorsement?
We’re very fortunate to be able to work with some of the greatest players on the globe. We receive many artist relation requests for C&C Drums and we’re happy so many people are interested in working with us. We’re not searching in the classical sense, but we’re always open-minded and interested in new musical voices who bring the unique sound of our C&C Drums to life on world’s stages. Among the „Contact“ section you can find our artist request form for application. Please be aware we get tons of requests, so it can take sometime until we’ll respond. It’s definitely worth reviewing our C&C Drums artist/endorsement roster on the website, in order to get a feel with which kind of players we work and in which musical fields we’re based.

Where do you ship C&C Drums to?
We ship C&C Drums Europe-wide, of course also into non-EU countries, like Norway and Switzerland. You can easily get in touch with as for the appropriate shipping costs of your desired setup via the general contact form.

How about delivery times for C&C Drums?
This depends on if the desired kit is currently in stock or if it needs to produced. We have a good range of well-demanded configurations and finish options in stock on a regular base. If you order a C&C Drums kit which is in stock it normally takes 5-7 days in delivery via DHL. At special request we also ship via DHL Express. Otherwise, if your kit is currently not available or you’re interested in ordering a C&C Drums Custom Kit, it’s going be produced for you within around 3-5 months.



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