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Super Flyer - an outstanding Travel Kit

For 2016 we are excited to present you another really exciting and special new kit from home of C&C: In an effort to create a travel kit that we stand behind and reduce waste, we now offer the Super Flyer. Made from the same materials by the same craftsman as all of our other drums, the Super Flyer is a quality and cost effective kit with a unique and beautiful aesthetic that is compact and easy to carry and setup. Every Super Flyer is hand made and utilizes repurposed, house made Gladstone drum shells. Find more information about our very own shell making process and this exceptional craftsmanship here: Gladstone Shells.


If its a small garage, your living room or backstage room: the C&C Super Flyer is an extremely light-weight, portable and unique sounding drum kit, perfectly made for traveling, quick setups and spontaneous sessions. These are its remarkable features:
- the toms nest inside each other and all drums fit inside the kick drum (just by removing one head and a few wing screws)
- all drums feature our in-house made Single-Ended “Art Deco” lugs and our in-house made wood hoops
- all Super Flyer shells are hand painted in solid satin colors with a special two-tone colored snare that matches the kick hoops
- of course, like on all of our other drum lines, it features our very own and exceptional in-house made Gladstone Shells

Two-Tone Snare Drums

The Super Flyer line features the first C&C two-toned snare drum. This snare drum is available in 14” × 5.5 and 14” × 6.5 sizes and reflects the finish/wood hoop combination of the other shells. Except for the classy one-tone option Antique White, the other finishes, Bison Blue, Sea Green and Ox Red, present three very beautiful two-tone aesthetics you’ve hardly seen anywhere else. All shells come with our very own Double-Ended “Art Deco” lugs, Triple Flanged Hoops and a Deluxe “Classic” strainer.

4 Finishes & Sizes

The Super Flyer currently comes in four extraordinary beautiful finish/wood hoop combinations (from left to right):

- Antique White (w/ Antique White hoops)
- Bison Blue (w/ Antique White hoops)
- Sea Green (w/ Ox Red hoops)
- Ox Red (w/ Antique White hoops)

Regarding sizes, you can choose from a selective array of 18”/20”/22”/24” kick drums, 12”/13” rack toms, 16”/18” floor toms & 14” × 5.5 / 14” × 5.5 snare drums – and setup your own Super Flyer!

Gladstone Shells

All our drums start from wood — the essential basis for anything in respect to tone. Not round, perfectly formed pre-fabricated shells, but flat sheets of the most beautiful, perfect wood one can acquire. When designing our shells, we wanted to focus on one main objective: less glue, more wood. These thicker plies give a lower fundamental tone, which in return provides a warmer sound. If you want to know more about how our drums are made, we’d love to invite you to take a look at the link of our Gladstone Shells page.


Of course the new Super Flyer, like all of our other kit lines, also features our very own in-house produced “Art Deco” lugs. Being inspired by many of the classics, it reveals the bridge building between a bit of a modern Kansas City architecture with aspects of many of our favorite lugs on drums from the past. Our Single-Ended lug is used on the Super Flyer toms, while the snare drum is equipped with the Double-Ended lug. This hardware selection works greatly in combination with Vintage „Fold Out“ spurs, the wood hoops on the toms and the Classic Deluxe strainer for the snare.


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